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    I've been obsessed with electronics, batteries, LEDs, motors, etc. since I was a kid riding my bike to Radio Shack the moment I had earned or received any money.

    More recently, I've been passionate about battery backup, solar charging, battery power stations, etc.

    I started off with some small DIY systems and then eventually bought a bigger BLUETTI AC200P: https://amzn.to/3VJV5oC

    ... but my dream was to have a whole-house backup that would solve two big issues:
    1. Keep power on when there are short (or even longer) power outages
    2. Keep my grid-tied solar producing when the power is out (by disconnecting to grid, but giving the panels / Enphase inverters the signal they need to stay on)
    Well, a few interesting things happened...

    First, I saw this video:

    ... then I decided to reach out to the company and submit my info to be contacted for more info. In the process I realized their form page was broken, so I went to contact their offices to let them know... and to my HUGE surprise, their company (Canadian Solar) had their main North America office just a few miles from my house!

    So, I ended up getting a tour of their offices and talking to some really smart people, especially this guy:

    I decided to go to Signature Solar and purchase a 19.8KWh stack as part of my whole-house remodel... that also means going all-electric, including a new HVAC system: https://remodelforums.com/threads/new-whole-house-hvac-heat-pump-mini-splits-quilt-com.2207/

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