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    Short Version: We're installing 6 mini-split units from

    As part of our whole-house remodel, we're going all-electric... which means getting rid of our gas furnace / central heat.

    I LOVE the heat-pump technology, but I'm not a fan of the old / outdated mini-split units, and I wasn't really interested in a huge single heat-pump (like the Mitsubishi 36000 BTU MXZ-SM36NAM-U1 multi-zone unit).

    I stumbled across a company that was in stealth mode... but promised to revolutionize heat-pump mini-splits. There was very little info, so I didn't do much more than bookmark the site.

    A few months later Google news showed me an article about the same company and I realized they weren't too far from where I live, so I figured I'd sign up to get more info.

    I'm glad I did! It started the process for us to line-up our remodel and HVAC needs with when the company was launching their product.

    Working with their team, we decided on 6 indoor "head" units, and 4 outdoor units. Each head unit does 9k BTU heat/cooling. All the details are here:

    Some info in this quick video:

    Longer video:

    A couple pics of the rough line-sets going in:




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