Installing a tile shower stall to minimize cracking if foundation moves.

Discussion in 'Kitchen and Bath' started by jaes, Dec 26, 2013.

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    My wife wants us to replace our tub/shower combination with a nice big 36" X 60" tiled shower stall with a built-in seat. At first, she wanted everything to be tile (walls and floors). But I pointed out that in past 2 years there has been extreme dry weather such that many of the foundations of homes (including ours) have settled, resulting in cracked walls. (We had a very reputable foundation person out -- he confirmed the problem was citywide). ---Anyway, I am very concerned about an all tile shower--for cracking reasons. I suggested we go with an all fiberglass stall---- Let's just say, that the suggestion met with some resistance. We compromised on a 36" X 60" one-piece Koehler stall pan/base with an integrated seat-- we will title the walls up from the solid Koehler base. I am still concerned about cracking title walls. QUESTION: Is there a way to minimize the damage from any future settling? For example, using larger tiles, rather than small, etc. (Please don't get off on a discussion of taking care of the foundation problems (they're being addressed). Also do not suggest using single panels of onyx for each of the 3 wall ----My wife wants tile --no matter the practical considerations. Any suggestions/discussion would be helpful. Thanks, ---jaes.

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